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Past Conferences. Celebrating 10 years


2018 marked the tenth anniversary of OCTIA. Gill Jones and Anne Stokes whose idea it was to organise a conference for online practitioners in 2009 are pictured here with Jane Evans, Steph Palin and Gill Webb the current directors.

Both Gill and Anne have retired from online counselling but both will be remembered for the pioneering work they did in the field. Streaming events is now commonplace but in 2009 not only was online counselling in its infancy but streaming the event live was a new venture too.
They were exciting times.

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2018 theme: A Decade of Technology and Practice - Reflections,
Conceptions and Projections

Online Counselling-10 years on and still changing - Jane Evans

Online Supervision-Where have we been and where are we going? - Anne Stokes

54 kbps and one phone for everything - Gill Jones

The Changing World of Gambling - Susanne Irving

Therapeutic Apps for mobile phones and tablets - Anna Palin-Swift

2017 theme: Being a Smart Counsellor in a Digital World

How to manage and market your practice in a digital world

The challenge of working with young people online


The Disinhibition Effect revisited 2017

What’s an unseen disability and possible ethical concerns

Past Conferences. Presenters 2017

2016 theme: Relational Depth and Emotional Connection in
Online Therapy


Working online within an organisation

Comparing the listening skills used in f2f counselling with those adopted within synchronous online exchanges

Online therapy for those affected by disability and illness

Single Session Emotional support, an emergent modality?

Building a therapeutic relationship of depth using text

Heart centred relational Mindfulness - online

2015 theme: Beginning, Developing and Strengthening how
We Work Online


Developing an online counselling service-steps and missteps

Marketing basics for your online practice

“Where do I start”?

From digital natives to the iGeneration

Online ethics - future challenges

2014 theme: Working Therapeutically and Safely Online

A client perspective of engaging with online counselling and the sense of safety/security

Working safely within an organisation

Personal First Aid Kits

Counselling futures: ethical opportunities or threats from working online

Inspiration, Creation and Perspiration: The Development of an online counselling service

Dilemmas, Decisions and Delights: Reflections on starting out.

The art and craft of weaving in online supervision

2013 theme: How Feelings are Expressed Online

Words were originally magic

Attending to the sad, the mad, the bad and the glad in shaping the future of online counselling and psychotherapy

Maintaining a responsible online presence (whether sad, bad, mad or glad)

A framework - creating safe(r) online spaces for client expression

Do you feel what I feel? - Sharing feelings in computer-mediated therapy

Past Conferences. Conference presenters

2012 theme: The power of Words and Imagery in Practice

Online Relationships - their place in our profession

What is behind the hidden addiction of problem gambling? The part metaphors and images play in making sense of the role of gambling

Developments in Avatar Therapy: Using virtual Reality, Imagery and Audio to actualise Hallucinatory Voices

Online textual therapy - is it ‘only words’?

The power of photographs and other images in therapy online

2011 theme: Efficacious e-therapy Getting clients through the cyber door

Developing your website

Marketing your website

Tools for working online

Working in a Global Setting

Setting up an online practice

Managing an online and face to face practice

2010 theme: Working with the Unspeakable

OCTIA moved to Manchester for its second conference and was held over two days.

Day 1

Working with self harm and suicide online

Does counselling online work? Reviewing the research into outcomes and alliances

Regulation of counselling and psychotherapy
Looking for change using family mapping: a “Relate for Parents’ activity

Day 2

Making research speak for you

Assessing the ‘unspeakable’ in online counselling

Finding a safe space (COAP)

Working with Sexual Problems and Addiction online

Is online supervision an ethical alternative to face to face

Social networking and the lessons it raises for counsellors working online

Students against depressions: an award winning therapeutic website and blogging

Therapy in virtual environments

2009 theme: Online Counselling and Therapy in Action

The first conference in 2009 was held in Leicester and included presentations and workshops.
Sharing the day with online delegates was exciting. As we sat listening to the presenters we were able to watch on a screen that was projected onto one of the walls the comments and thoughts that were being expressed by delegates who were sitting at their own computers somewhere else in the world. Those of us with laptops in the room could share in the online discussions too.

Ten years ago counsellors were very suspicious of this new platform and questioned whether it could ever be used therapeutically!


Working Online in new Zealand

Online Counselling at Relate

Interview with US Online Therapists

Online Work of the Samaritans

Past Conferences. 0009 conference

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