OCTIA Annual Conference for Online Counsellors and Therapists

About The Conference. Conference room Manchester

2019 OCTIA Conference

Attending the OCTIA conference is a great opportunity to network with your peers in the world of online counselling and psychotherapy. Whether you're new to online media, or have been working in this way with clients for years, you will find a benefit in this supportive and inspiring event. As therapists we can be quite isolated in our work, perhaps especially when we are in private practice. The conference is a great opportunity for us to get together and learn from each other, to build confidence, to find out how others do things, to help us with the challenges and celebrate together the triumphs.

Attending the conference in person will help you build new relationships face to face with colleagues and to participate in the room with presenters. We'll be able to spend some down time together over breaks and lunch, sharing our passions and challenges and talking about why we do what we do. Come and join us and make some new friends and contacts! Take advantage of the Early Bird discount by buying your ticket now at Buy ticket.

The 2019 conference theme is focused towards those online counsellors, therapists and health care professionals who are engaging with their clients and service users using the full range of online platforms and media. There'll be the opportunity to share how we care for our clients, but how we care for ourselves and each other as fellow professionals. We are stronger together!

Presenters will share their experiences of establishing and delivering services for a broad range of clients and service users, from young people to adults. See what's on offer below!

About The Conference. Steph

"Using EMDR online" with Steph Palin

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) has found increasing acceptance in the world of therapy, particularly in relation to trauma and anxiety. This presentation will examine the feasibility of using this powerful technique as an online intervention. Client safety and ethical considerations will be examined, as well as the exciting prospects of using virtual EMDR.

Steph is a psychotherapist specialising in sex and relationship therapy, and developed the UK's first Accredited Diploma course in therapy for sex addiction. She uses EMDR in her work in conjunction with CBT and Integrative therapy to support clients to work through past and current trauma. Learn more about Steph here.

About The Conference. Anna

"Relationship counselling in the online world" with Anna Palin-Swift

Does online therapy have a place within the world of relationship counselling? Is it possible to work with a couple when it comes to online therapy? What are the benefits of this type of work and what might the potential pit falls be? This presentation will give a sense of couple counselling in different mediums such as web cam, email and instant messaging. There'll be practical examples of what this work might look like, exploring the client experience, contracting and boundary setting.

Anna's background is in relationship counselling and she started her online journey through Relate. She has 5 years' experience of offering both email counselling and instant messaging for relationship support. You can read more about Anna here.

About The Conference. Carol and Kate

"From Aristotle to Alexa: a philosophy of therapy in a digital age" presented by Kate Dunn & Carole Francis-Smith

Philosophy was the fore-runner to psychology and thereby pre-cursor to all therapeutic orientations.
We may choose to welcome and embrace new opportunities for human connection that open up to us through technology. Or we may feel less confident, sensing that we have been swept along on the tide without having sufficient time to consider the wider impact this is having on therapeutic interaction and relationship. Is ‘online therapy’ something separate and different or is it all ‘just therapy’?

Philosophically, how do we continue to attend closely to the psyche in the midst of a major sociological shift driven by the technological revolution? Kate and Carole invite you to join them in a conversation about these ‘big issues’ and hope to spur your inner philosopher into action.
Click here for more information about the presenters, Kate Dunn and Carole Francis-Smith

About The Conference. Kevin Malloy

The piloting and development of Sue Ryder's Bereavement Online Counselling service- Presented by Kevin Malloy

Kevin is one of the online counsellors with the Sue Ryder Online Bereavement Counselling Service. Initiated and moulded in therapeutic face2face work in the NHS, I have now transitioned to work in a different setting, the online counselling world, wherewe are working in a new frontier of nationwide access to online bereavement counselling. I reiterate the word ‘counselling’ because this is providing a complex therapeutic intervention to individuals in distress at what often can be one of the most difficult and challenging times in their lives. For me the challenge is to provide a counselling intervention in this setting that is equally as effective as traditional face2face work.


Sue Ryder’s Online Bereavement Counselling Service provides free, confidential, and professional support to any adult who is grieving for a loved one. This presentation will explore the development and piloting of this new counselling service, focusing on: the effectiveness and accessibility of an online service, suicide risk management, safeguarding issues, and working with individuals with a range of presentations - from complex bereavement with co-morbidity, to more manageable forms of bereavement.

About The Conference. Dr Lynne Green

Dr Lynne Green- Representing Kooth's Young People's Online counselling service

Dr Lynne Green, Clinical Director at XenZone, is a Clinical Consultant Psychologist with 20 years’ NHS experience. Previous roles include Clinical Lead for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in Lancashire Care Foundation Trust and Lead Consultant Psychologist for children's eating disorders and adolescent inpatient services. Outside of the NHS, Lynne held the role of Clinical Director at Place2Be, a leading UK schools based mental health charity specialising in early help for children and young people.

Lynne has written a number of academic publications, including a book on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children with Eating Disorders. She was also a Clinical Therapist on a leading eating disorder research trial with the Centre of Excellence at Oxford University. In addition to her Clinical Psychology doctorate and BSc (hons) in Psychology, both from Leicester University, Lynne has an MSc in Psychiatry from Manchester University.

We're also in discussion with professionals interested in presenting about services for young people online. If you've got a topic that you're passionate about and think it would be of interest to our attendees, please do get in touch.

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